Ring-Pull™ seed feeder

Size: Small
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Offer seeds and blends with this easy-to-clean quality feeder

A stand-out choice for any garden, this Ring-Pull™ seed feeder is brilliantly easy to clean - and every single part can be replaced in moments with no tools needed.

It’s specially designed for offering seed blends and performs equally well with straight foods like black sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts.

For a quick clean each time you refill, the twist-off base removes to let uneaten husks and seeds escape. For a really thorough clean, just pull the pin and all parts separate completely.

Ring-Pull™ Seed Feeder can be hung or mounted on a garden pole. For complete peace of mind, it’s covered by a two-year warranty.

  • No tools needed - you'll never need the screwdriver
  • Forever New™
  • Owners Guide - Packed with useful tips on filling, siting and cleaning
  • Two-year warranty - For valuable extra peace of mind
  • Won't crack or fade in sunlight - Styled in tough polycarbonate and ABS

Quick clean - Twist off base lets uneaten husks and seeds escape

Deep clean - Pull the pin and all feeder parts separate for a thorough clean

Small - 0.5 litre, 2 ports, 180mm tube height

Please note this feeder is supplied empty.

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