Otter soft toy

Size: Medium
Sale price£14.95


This otterly adorable Otter soft toy is a beautiful example of the realism provided by our premium brand of soft toys. Otters are extremely playful by nature, and this plush version is sure to provide lots of fun and cuddles for the lucky owner.

Our beautifully crafted and realistically detailed animal soft toys not only bring joy and comfort to animal lovers around the world, but also share with them some of nature’s amazing wildlife secrets.

If your soft toy comes with a NATURLI leaf shaped tag then you know we used recycled post-consumer PET plastic when it was created. This plastic comes from used drinks bottles and other food containers.


  • Medium size: 32 cm
  • Large size: 40cm
  • Suitable for Age 0+
  • Swing tag includes educational facts about the animal, its habitat and food

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