Hoopla water hyacinth bag with clasp

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These beautiful bags are handwoven in Cambodia's wetlands, where we have been working with Saber, our country co-ordinator in Cambodia and the communities around the Anlung Pring Wetland to bring you our exclusive range of bags made from natural materials including lepironia and water hyacinth, a problem species that is being removed from wetlands in Cambodia.  

In just 15 years, half of Cambodia’s wetlands have disappeared. WWT’s focus in Cambodia is on two areas of the lower Mekong Delta, Anlung Pring and Boeung Prek Lapouv, which are two of the last remaining seasonally-inundated grasslands in the area. They provide vital refuge for a wealth of threatened species, including over half the highly threatened Southeast Asian population of the globally Vulnerable sarus crane, a flagship species of Cambodia's wetlands. 

Learn more about our work in Cambodia's wetlands here

Dimensions: H35cm x W35cm

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