Birch log open nest box

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The Birch Log Open Front Nest Box is ideal if you are wanting to give birds such as Robins, Wrens and Blackbirds a place for them to start a nest in your garden. Made from natural birch wood this well made birdhouse comes with good insulation which will provide your feathered friends with a warm and dry spot for them to start a nest for the breeding season.

Attach this natural-looking, silver birch bird box to a tree, wall or fence - preferably in an area with dense vegetation as this will then offer your garden birds protection against possible predator attacks that come with having an open-fronted nest house, and use the hole at the back of this natural-looking, semi-open log nester to hang up in your garden and replicate a bird's natural nesting habitat.

Cleaning out your nest box after the final bird has left the current nest is important to keep it safe and hygienic for future bird families to use, and to clean this birdhouse simply unscrew one side of this bird hideaways hinged lid which will give you access to the nesting area for cleaning and removing parasites in between bird residents.

Dimensions: Height 22 cm x Diameter 16 cm.

As this is a natural product the dimensions stated are approximate.

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